We are conscious that the wealth of our company consists of the people working in it who help us achieve our global objectives.

We are seriously committed to dialogue with our workers. This commitment is based on the respect towards the freedom of association and the existence of trade union representation in our national and international offices. We create these positive relations as a common practice to reach important agreements with the workers' representatives.

Our recruitment policy has the goal of attracting local talents by giving priority to internal, local and international mobility and promoting global presence and know-how transfer.


We use equality, achievement and competence principles in our recruitment processes.

WINDAR renovables is an innovative, competitive and forward-looking company whose activity contributes to the industrial regeneration by means of global solutions that protect the social, environmental and economic environment in which we carry out our activities.

Our recruitment processes are taken according to equality, achievement and competence principles. We don't discriminate against any candidate for reasons related to sex, race, religion, beliefs and opinion. The evaluation of the candidates will be made according to professional criteria based on their knowledge and abilities.