Optimizing the production process as much as possible will be WINDAR renovables goal through non-stop working and innovating on its layout, automating manufacturing processes, and designing specific machinery for that purpose.


Exploring technological improvement and innovation in the production chain implementing industrial activities for R&D with strategic lines for developing new projects. At present there are several R&D projects that are being undertaken and tested in key points of our processes.


Collaborating with companies from the renewable energy sector  to improve and adapt materials and raw materials to the new world, as well as, to invest in the study and development of new equipment, processes and machinery. Improve our position in the manufacturing of offshore foundations though it can also be useful for our current business line for the manufacturing of wind towers.

Qualified staff

The processes for the manufacturing of offshore equipment require highly qualified staff. In WINDAR renovables we care about training our employees at every single manufacturing stage, teaching them on the effectiveness of the new process stages and on the use of new means for that purpose