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11 / 24 / 2018

WINDAR (Grupo Daniel Alonso)

Windar Renewables (Grupo Daniel Alonso) participates in “MECASOL” a new R&D project

WINDAR the company chaired by Orlando Alonso, participates jointly with Asturfeito and Tuinsa in a project of the “Polo del Acero” with the participation of the ITMA Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Industry, within the call for Associations Innovative Business.

Approved in October, MECASOL will end in the month of March. As indicate Lorena Fuentes from Technical department, "MECASOL was born as a project to define the characteristics of the new welding equipment in jobs that these companies perform in the wind sector as well as other boilermaking equipment".

In the words of the Offshore Production Director WINDAR Jaime Alfaya, "we refer to very similar unions and we all want to know the maximum benefits".

"The data obtained will provide the welders with the necessary information on the characteristics of the welding equipment, allowing them to know them quickly, improving their productivity, avoiding deviations in the welding process and knowing the working hours needed for certain activities" as the Weldig Engineer Mario Ordieres explained.

In addition, welding equipment is now ready for Industry 4.0 and will be a way of learning to improve the performance in the management of information and data.

Photo by "La Nueva España"